Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Whitest Boy Alive

No this isn't another blog all about me. The Whitest Boy Alive, based in Germany, are an electro-chill-funk-hop band I happen to be listening to a lot lately. They're smooooooth.

This is the only official film clip they have - if it is official. You can never tell these days...

The album Rules (out in March) is so funky. Hannah and I were bopping all over the house this morning while it poured down for the first time all summer. (Woo!)

Get this album. It's great.


  1. Hmm... very different from their first album. I'll check out this one, see which one I like better.

  2. Yeah it's totally in my CD player in my car at the moment. Spooky.
    Never heard of them until... oh God which festival was it? Ummm... Nevereverland.
    They were totally the highlight.

  3. What everrrrrr.

    Make me some tea, and we can listen to it once again.

  4. Funkalicious. Can you say that when you're technically over 30?