Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So I'm back at uni, which is good - it's good to feel I'm moving forward in my life and working on my future. My first project is based on the studio space that we have almost all of our classes in. We've been asked to redesign it based on how we feel it would most suit our needs as interior architecture students.

Currently it is a very industrial space, fraught with overhead piping and ducting which I suppose is not at odds with the building, a very brutalist structure. However, as the a space for designing other spaces, it isn't very impartial. In fact, I'd say it impedes on a student's creativity by constantly reminding us of the mundane side of interiors. I'm in no way saying a more flamboyant space is required, the opposite actually.

Minimalism! Minimalism! Minimalism!

Gosh, that's a mouthful.

With Andy Warhol's 'factory' in mind, a less intrusive space is certainly my dirrection. An open space, which it is, but more white. Or at least more concrete. I read somewhere once that an interior designer's work space should not influence their designs, in fact, they shouldn't even dress in a way that might clash with their designs whilst working. Plain blacks or plain whites.

Some might say "How sterile! How can one be creative in such an unimaginative space?" I think inspiration is best found beyond the studio. Explore other spaces for ideas! When working keep things clean and simple. Don't let your mind wander.

The art of interior design is so focused on colour and material; the studio must be a control.

I think that will be my design proposal statement...

Stay tuned.

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