Friday, September 4, 2009

The Missing Link

My first design project for the semester.

A reflection of Indigenous Australian history through a series of installations in Perth's CBD. Particular focus is placed on the Stolen Generations - a reflective, solitary underpass displaying poems and literature surrounding this dark time in Australia's hidden history.

(Click for larger images.)

The installations, aesthetically, are a rejection of the traditional structured environment of the CBD. Their form comes from the experience we had on site (above) and the plants and shadows found in the Supreme Court and Stirling Gardens.

There's a lot of concept behind it...
But I hate to clutter design with words.



  1. I contest the choice of the WA Supreme Court building as being representative of "Suppression".
    It's often the Courts who lead the charge for the rights of the suppressed. In Australia, take Mabo for example.
    I think Parliament House would have been more appropriate... Blame politicians! They're the ones who made the laws in the first place!

    Having said that, I did appreciate the irony of the Court house being suppression, and then Supreme Court Gardens being "Freedom"

  2. You seem to have nailed the brief, it's really lovely. The forms and shapes of the plants are beautiful and so elegant. Certainly not forgettable. Definitely brings attention to this epoque.

  3. You spelt 'heirarchy' as 'heirachy.' The plans are quite nice though =)

  4. Haha, damn it! Thanks for that.

  5. Oh I do love a grammar Nazi. You're my instant friend, Anonymous.

  6. You spelt 'hierarchy' as 'heirarchy'.

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