Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fashion Market

This is my latest design project - as promised.
View. Discuss.

(click for larger images)


  1. I like the concept, but why is the building shaped like a barn?

  2. It's shaped like a barn? The markets were built about 110 years ago, so... I can't really say. I think the section view doesn't truly portray the nature of the space.

    Have a look at some photos...

    It's a lot bigger than it looks.

  3. Being a market though, the barn shape does work well because all you want is a big uninterrupted space.

    Also, the sartorialist sihouettes look even better in a small image, rather than up close in photoshop.

  4. Agreed on both accounts - but when inside, it looks more like a warehouse/atrium than a barn.